Terms And Condition

FOTAKSE is an Online Digital Marketing and Advertisement System based in West Bengal to provide anyone with every necessary contacts instantly to solve their day to day problems and disseminate their products and services always and everywhere.

The Platform and the Services are provided to you subject to these Fotakse Terms and conditions listed below:-

Terms of the services provided to Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) by fotakse.com:-

1.      A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) is a retailer of fotakse.com advertisement. They purchase advertisement in bulk from www.fotakse.com and sell it to an individual or organization.

2.      A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must submit the relevant documents for activating his account and be an associate of this organisation.

3.      Fotakse.com gives permission to retail its advertisement to Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) for one year presently, Renewal of the Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) will be decided by the company.

4.      Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must verify customer’s identity, nature of is business, product or service before posting his advertisement. A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must collect all the relevant information required for the advertisement and it should be valid i.e. the complete address, complete information of the advertisement published, Phone Number, which in turn boosts the advertisement.

5.      Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must not allow any advertisement containing any illegal contents, sexually abusive contents or any content which can affect the safety & security of our Nation.

6.      Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) can't use any other customer’s database for any other purpose or Business, whole database is considered as a property of www.fotakse.com.

7.      A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must help his customer to solve any advertisement related problems and will help to grow his customer's sales.

8.      A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must not fake the customer by subscribing them to their advertisements in any higher rates not mentioned in the fotakse pay-structures/rates.

9.      No travelling allowance or daily allowance will be provided to any Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) for business building or any other purpose.

10.  Hard copies of the Business Building Materials will not be provided to any Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) free of cost and charges might be applicable as decided by Fotakse.

11.  Fotakse will provide some web training to all Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) for free of cost but for classroom training some registration fees might be required.

12.  A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) will promote www.fotakse.com in their business locality by doing various activities designed by fotakse.com with regularity and sencerity.

13.  A Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) must acknowledge and agree that fotakse.com shall not be liable for the interactions with any organizations and/or individuals on the Platform or through the Service.  These dealings are solely between Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) and organizations and/or individuals. Violation of any terms and conditions can cancel the Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) authorisation.

14.  Ultimately, Fotakse Business Associate (FBA) should be Sincere and Regular in his services and follow our Business Ethics, Morality and Principles.

By reading the terms and conditions listed above, you agree to follow and abide by them and, at any point of time fotakse can implement further terms and conditions as and whenever required based on future  circumstances.