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Dee and Ricky, these two people will New York's unconstrained style of printing design to PUMA classic shoes. New York, Staten Island, a district of New York is the 5 largest Administrative Region in the most inconspicuous, but it gave birth to the Dee and Ricky two art design masters, the brothers was born and raised in Staten Island, five blocks of the childhood to adolescence on the subway or walk through the neighborhood of skateboard. The street buildings, pedestrian flies as the "garden of Eden" make them extremely impressed. The new joint series reproduce the two brothers like moment when the discovery of the new continent pleasure, inspired by designer Massimo · Vignelli (Massimo Vignelli) that the iconic significance and full of visual language of the subway map design and graffiti artists. Dee&: Ricky brings its highly interesting and creative design elements into PUMA's most touted Basket shoes. Among them, PUMA Basket x Ricky NYC? Dee& shoes with vigor of fresh orange suede shoes decorated with embroidery materials, printing, so full of interesting color collocation throughout cheap foamposites the joint series, the perfect interpretation of the Dee & Ricky design style; a light full of wit and humour, bright street style. another unique Basket Mid x Dee& Ricky BigA shoes, the classic middle class sports shoes, with detachable Velcro design elements, bring infinite fun. The use of anti fur material uppers, decorated with three-dimensional printing, compared to the season even more unique. Another green color anti leather shoes, decorated with gold leather, emitting a unique avant-garde atmosphere. The series also includes clothing and derivative accessories such as coats, T-Shirts, pants, backpacks and hats. It is particularly worth mentioning is printed by New York subway printing elements PUMA Suede backpack, hats and more the same printing echoes, sweatband and mesh lining absorb the sweat in the hat has a great feel. With the same series of clothing collocation, stand now relaxed trend of street fan. 1966, the world's first pair of leather tennis shoes from the American brand K· SWISS. The prototype of the modern tennis shoes can be said from K· SWISS. In 2015 th Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e brand "HERITAGE AMERICAN TENNIS" to the theme, in-depth brand essence, rebuild the brand image. The new season of a single product in the most noteworthy is the Si18 International OG engraved shoes, the 1989 birth of the tennis shoes iconic details is the type of D and the design of shoe lace hole extends to the shoe body side, to strengthen the package of creativity, to form a "Young Pioneers municipal headquarters president" the brand's signature style. Li Ning Wade's road 4" birthday & quot;, Dwyane Wade 2015-16 season NBA boots; upper is made of leather, cloth, 3M reflective coating material material synthesis, with penetrating lacing system, the bottom is equipped with 3D carbon fiber plate, Bounse+ rebound technology, cushion cushioning technology, with rubber bottom, item ABAL037-34, price of 1399 yuan, is now offering. welcome to pay attention to get micro signal (WeChat search getdunkhome), every day there is an unexpected surprise oh! source: Lining basketball the Beijing Olympic Games has come to a successful conclusion; the people of the whole country are immersed in a joyful atmo jordans on sale mens sphere. After two days after the successful signing of the NBA Mavericks team headed star, the Olympic men's basketball champion American dream eight team captain Kidd after August 28th, PEAK in Beijing set off a storm of basketball, known as the "Batman" of the NBA Rockets star Battier arrived in Beijing, began the 08 year journey China love heart. This is the third time Battier to Chinese, but his popularity is still unabated, the fans cheering continued, crammed inside and outside the airport. It is understood that Battier's love trip will be as long as a week, through Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hongkong and other places. in the "Battier 08 China love journey" at the press conference, PEAK general manager Xu Zhihua speech, announced that "Battier 08 China love journey" officially started in Beijing. Battier also used Chinese say hello to the scene of the guests and friends said: "a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan in May after that, my heart is very painful, I always want to go to Sichuan, do something for the people there! The China will be endowed with new connotation, in addit jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ion to meet the fans, filming of advertising, I will go to Sichuan to Chengdu, to contribute to a force for reconstruction after the earthquake in Sichuan, and donated a batch of 200 thousand of the value of sports equipment together with PEAK for the children in Sichuan, to help young people grow up healthy and confident. I also hope that more fans and friends will join us in our love activities so that the people of Sichuan will live a happy life." in addition to love action, Battier III has been the focus of attention, because the integration of PEAK self-developed PKrocket three shock technology "and" Battier "I, II basketball shoes have made remarkable achievements, not only won the Battier himself recognized, became the first double into Chinese NBA game by Chinese sports brand enterprises independent research and development of basketball shoes, NBA star attracted many attention, earned us local media praise. In the crowd's anticipation, the scene lights faded, and a mysterious gift box fell from the sky. When Battier walked to the moment before the gift box, the audience's eyes were f jordans on sale online ocused on the gift box, Battier III generation also gradually brighten with the lights and reveal the mystery. Battier is very excited to lift shoes called sound: Oh, perfect! I like it! And then wait to share new boots and field his audience, he from various angles to show the audience Battier III, is still the familiar red and white colors, but unlike I, II is III formed a three-dimensional visual impact stronger, according to the staff of PEAK, the I and II generation in the succession of boots shoes characteristics at the same time, more players in the lateral shift protection of bare feet, the maximum to prevent the high-speed movement for athletes to hurt. Believe in "Battier, III generation"The all star game in New York will greatly promote the combination of fashion and sports, has seen in show two different versions of the PSNY x Air Jordan 10, the official account and drying out of two suspected Jordan Melo M11 joint local spy. A silver metal shoe body collocation red bottom, deep blue tongue, laces and ice crystal blue bottom, another is to yellow with blue ink with details and presentati cheap air jordans on. BbsImg142405028915235_480_480.jpg (40.68 KB, download number: 12) download PSNY x Jordan Melo M11 dual color local spy 2015-2-16 09:36 upload Jordan 00Halloween is coming (of course, Beijing time has arrived), such a full of spoof and romantic holiday, how the major brands will miss the introduction of the relevant shoes design? in today's warriors against the sun, the warrior star Stephen ·, curry on the feet of a special Halloween Under Armour Curry 3 Lights Out. The whole pair of shoes in black as the main color, and in the shoes collar and midsole add orange details for decoration, and equipped with dazzling luminous outsole. weather, I believe we have started to purchase new clothing, while Alpha Industries MA-1 is the indispensable items in your closet. In order to give you more choices, in conjunction with A BATHING APE and monkey time, Alpha Industries this time to find the famous fashion website JackThreads build joint single products. Still choose evergreen tree style MA-1 flight jacket is modeled, and provides two positive and negative function to wear outside, buy cheap jordans online dark brown color, while the inner surface is a continuation of the classic orange, in addition also has a higher degree of reduction of the American flag and help for multilingual banner design, and iconic sleeves ribbon is integrated into the JackThreads Logo highlight joint identity. The new Alpha Industries x JackThreads limited MA-1 coat will be held today at JackThreads's official website on sale, priced $145, love friends not to miss.adidas Originals and White Mountaineering this season has brought a new Racing 1 series. This year again return to the Formel 1 as a prototype, design style and SPGR almost unanimously, the shoe body with blue and white quality leather production, on the tongue, heel, and the insole with both sides joint logo embellishment, and equipped with avant-garde running shoes outsole. At present, it has 1 pairs of Racing by DOE Shanghai were purchased, pricing 1699 yuan. source: hypebeast??????factory store outlet town sf headphone for mobile tiffany blue free run aqua chrome womens store outlet town sf" /〉 balenciaga store locator shox classic ii brown medical Retro jordans for sale industries cheap online mobile shopping warehouse memphis tn mens sale clothing electronics shopping glasses london bridge design your own apparel online factory store outlet town sf [shoes - shoes] Adidas Originals B-Sides series watch city continues to release a new type of shoes, we first reported that Foot Patrol x Campus Kegler Super series, then turned out as classic shoes Adidas Originals, Kegler Super in the design of more the return of the luxury, the shoe is domineering, daunting. Color design excellence and high-profile unified look upper cortex although there is not much breakthrough, but the classic moment is also very smart, as the marketing strategy. (Global shoes Network - the most authoritative Chinese shoes Network minor editor) Kegler Super turned back, Adidas Originals B-Sides Kegler Super shoes in recent years, more and more domestic marathon short entry group increased, more and more lovers into them, of which there is no lack of a thin target jogger, but how many hearts will exist some questions, did not give the right answer to the people, here air jordan 11 space jam for sale for everyone to solve some common myths. myths: run more knee pain? 1stMythToo Much Front, Knee Pain Run? most runners will find, many enthusiasts, and even their own running career how many there will be pain, the most common is a knee, run more is equal to a knee injury?? answer is not entirely correct, running itself is harmless, pain from to run the ideas and knowledge, it is first necessary to understand the rest equally important, most people find eager and ignore the body's warning, tired have proper rest, reply the bodily integrity, the next training would be more effective. again to emphasize the warm-up and ease of important, running, although it is one of the most natural human behavior, but been studying all day to work your, began to motion of body has already stiff unceasingly, so don't forget to to through the first warm-up to start physical activity mechanism, can let you avoid unnecessary injuries, after running also don't forget stretching and relaxation, in addition can accelerate the metabolism of lactic acid, but also to strengthen the muscles of the flexibility, let you retu jordan 3 katrina 2018 rn to faster! select appropriate equipment and pay attention to correct posture, everyone ankle and midfoot is somewhat different, will affect the feet landing position and time, so before running to wear suitable shoes, can let your ankles and knees are a lot to alleviate the burden, the simplest way is to shop interview wear even try a little see to run, if you can keep your ankle and correct position and stability, and has reduced the soles of the feet of the pressure is a double for your shoes. the last step, choose a double favorite style package home. In addition to shoes, some due to weather changes with the beams such as trousers and jacket, according to the economic capacity to buy, to protect your knees and your health. As for the correct running posture, I recommend the "running, how to run?" "A book, there are professional running coach, after 20 years of research and the posture to run method (pose method of running)", if can consult the professional manager or senior in the correct running posture, I want to you can learn faster and better. If you do this, believe that the pain will not be easy to find you. Myth two: run more legs thicker ?2ndMythToo Much Calf, Hypertrophy ? Runa lot of beauty of the girls think that running will make legs thicker and avoid the fear, this is completely wrong! In addition to gene, which can not be changed, calves would be becomes coarse reason mainly is lack of extensional and metabolic adverse, after running in, the size of the legs will be because of the continuous muscle stretching and 〉 adjust the running shoes, gently knock knock heel, breathe, stand on the starting blocks, as seen in the television cameras, Subing add slightly curled up, one knee touchdown, just ten seconds for the next sprint pactrometer. "Every place, prepare, run!" The coach with the sound of a whistle, long time honed muscle memory and subconscious reaction, make his body like an arrow general to jump up and go by like the wind. In order to consolidate the stability of the starting, Su Bingtian every morning targeted training to unshakable more than 150 times a week. What seems to be a normal start is the epitome of Su Bingtian's meticulous treatment of every detail and the concentration of each training course. from the station in 2015 9 seconds out of 99 results in the IAAF Diamond League, "Subing add" has become synonymous with the Chinese speed; once again break the ten world championships in Beijing, the only 26 year old China Michael has become one of the new generation of track and field leader China. However, behind this breakthrough is the biggest challenge Su Bingtian faced in his sports career: "foreign teachers feel that the way of starting my right foot is not very scientific. I suggest that I change to a left foot." The calm and calm Su Bingtian talked about the change, but the risk of changing and his firm determination were not so simple. go Su Bingtian suffered a bottleneck two years ago, and in the face of training improvement, Su Bingtian experienced his unprecedented inner struggle. Right foot start restricts his physical gifts, affect the fluency of running away, unable to keep the speed; if left to start, it means to change the past ten years the muscle memory. For him, no adjustment still keeps the top position in the country; taking risks to change is a great pressure to be unsuccessful in retiring. In the face of the Great Gamble of his career, the coaching team made Su Bingtian deliberate, and even the old teammates who had always supported themselves did not support the adventure. "to, or progress or regress, maintaining the status quo is not possible, anyway, to this stage how many years did not go to fight." at the end of 2014 winter on the occasion, Su Bingtian finally decided to go. breakthroughs the limit "people say that the risk is too big, I will use ten times the effort to reduce the risk to the lowest." Any change in is not an easy process. At first, it was just a conventional technique that made him adapt for a long time. Need to change not just starting this small step, it is Months and years pass by. running habit. In order to let the body to forget how comfortable is right, even in the life of sitting switch, Subing add deliberately control the first step the right foot. The test is far more than that. For a time after changing the technology, Su Bingtian's achievements were not ideal. ;

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